Month: June 2020

  • S2 E10: F1 for Beginners 2020

    Join us this week as we deliver our first annual F1 for Beginners episode. This episode was designed to give both the veteran fan and especially the new F1 fan a high level view of all of the important details that every fan should know. In this episode we will cover 1) What is Formula One and how do drivers get into it, 2) How the championship and scoring system works, 3) The 2020 calendar as well as the most notable tracks on the schedule, 4) What a race weekend schedule looks like for the drivers and teams, 5) Car specs and what makes a F1 car the fastest race cars in the world, 6) How tire strategy and pit stops work, 7) Key racing terms that fans will hear every race weekend, and finally 8) Breakdown of the teams and drivers in the order of how they performed last year! If you have any questions about F1, please reach out to James, Jon and Andy on Twitter and Instagram @outlapf1podcast, email us at

  • S2 E9: Austria Preview

    Join us this week as we preview the Austrian Grand Prix Race #1. We’ll discuss the top news of the week, recap last years Austrian GP and give our predictions for 2020 with special guest Deano from the Regen E Racing podcast (@regenracing).

  • S2 E8: F1 Community Interview Series and News (2)

    Join us this week as we bring on a fan of the show, Chicago’s own Andy P (@AFP3626). We talk about how Andy got into F1, his yearly adventures to COTA, his favorite F1 memories, and what’s on his motorsports bucket list. Lastly, Andy joins in on discussing all is the latest news from the F1 scene.