British GP rhyme

Here’s a little rhyme about the British GP
My first f1 poem which you can read
I’ll try and do a real quick summary
But it’s tricky as the first home race for me

Practice was strange without a few drivers
Perez has Corona but he’s a survivor
Vettel’s poor car had some more trouble
And he couldn’t quite break out of his P10 bubble

In 24 hours Hulkenberg was back
But he didn’t even make it onto the track
Albon’s nerves were tested by a nasty crash
And we even got to see a bit of mad Max

Latifi span off and missed his chance
Which triggered our red flag safety car dance
All in all, quali was a mess
The heat didn’t give our drivers a rest

Now let’s recap Sunday’s main show
It’s lights out and away we go
Lando Norris is a real class act
Letting a young girl design his racing hat

Kvyat wasn’t quite so cool
He crashed on lap 13 and thought it was his fault
Magnussen’s wheel flew into the distance
Thanks to Albon and his dangerous persistence

Racing point didn’t quite have the pace
That we’ve been seeing in the other races
Valtteri and Lewis were holding top 2
Until the drama happened which I’ll explain to you

The unusual heat caused quite a few punctures
Which meant the whole race underwent a restructure
Bottas slowed up because his tyres were unsafe
Which meant Max moved up to 2 nd and took his place

Then it was Carlos with the same problem
In fact, all the cars were starting to look solemn
If you didn’t watch the race
This is the part where we all changed face

Hamilton’s tyre was barely holding on
He could hardly take the corners and his speed was gone
Max was catching up and he nearly made it
But it was the British hero Lewis who managed to save it

So Hamilton won for the 7 th time at home
For Mercedes the weekend could have had a completely different tone
And let’s not forget that Max was close behind
Then Leclerc finished third and Ricciardo next in line

All those who watched this sequence of events
Will look at each other and say “damn that was tense”
We will see what Silverstone brings us next week
And if the fans have recovered from being weak at the knees