S4 E1: Ask Us Anything

Join us this week as we shake things up and do something a little different to help pass the time as we wait for the 2022 F1 season to start. We answer questions about racing, sports, and life from our listeners! It’s a fun departure and there are parts where we answer stuff that isn’t even asked!  Chat with James, Jon, Andy, and Deanna on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord @outlapf1podcast, email us at chatnow@outlapf1.com and check out our website at www.outlapf1.com. Also be sure to subscribe to the Relapped YouTube channel hosted by Deanna. Donate to the podcast at https://anchor.fm/outlapf1/support – This episode is also sponsored by Manscaped – Use code OUTLAP to get 20% off and free shipping on Manscaped.com. Also, please check out betterhelp.com/listener for 10% off on your first month.

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