Month: February 2022

  • S4 E3: Formula One Livery Olympics

    Join us this week as we take an in depth look at all of the cars on the 2022 grid and we rate all of the liveries! We also recap each team's performance at the first closed Barcelona Test. We have a special guest, Vincenzo Landino, and he provides a unique perspective as he works with livery designers and manages both brands and brand awareness, so it's a fun episode as we explore the 2022 grid!

  • S4 E2: F1 News Drop!

    The 2022 season is upon us and we have a ton of news to discuss! We first give an important show announcement, and we then go in depth into several of the recent stories that have dominated the F1 headlines recently, all with the intent of getting you primed for the 2022 season!